Connecting CAT. 6 UTP keystones

Standardy KeystoneThanks to below guide you will learn how to connect twisted pair cable to unshielded (UTP) RJ-45 keystones that are category 6. In case you need to connect category 5e, all you need to do is skip one step – later I’ll describe this. Before you begin, it is necessary to decide what standard you’ll be working in. On keystone you can find two different markings: A - which represents standard 568A, B - which represents 568B. We’ll be working in 568B, and in that standard will be done our connection.

  1. Let’s start from removing outer wire isolation. Careful not to cut too deep, shielding has to break when removing it – it should make distinctive “click”. This way we can b sure we did not damage inner isolation of the wire.
  2. Now we’ll cut off rip cord (it is made do cut open the isolation in case you don’t have tool to do it). If you want to use ripcord, cut through isolation and remove it with clippers.
  3. Then we will separate pairs, and cut off outer protection used for separating pairs (if you use cat. 5e cable, there is no protection).
  4. Then we will untangle wire pairs, and place them in clamps marked by same colors, compliant with the standard.
  5. We squeeze the wires into clamps using impact tool. It should automatically remove excess cables.
  6. After that, we’re placing protection back on
  7. We can connect the keystont to patch panel or inlet.

All of this process you can watch in below video.

As you can see the process is painless and relatively easy, and if you maintain basic rules you’ll handle this just right.



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