A short guide on how to connect the network cable to the UTP slot is provided below. Necessary tools: Krone-type connector terminating knife and insulation stripper

1. Prepare the wire and remove its insulation (use the tool “insulation stripper”)
Kabel UTP

2. Remove the slot cover
Zdjęta pokrywa
3. Unravel the wires and place them in appropriate clamps according to standards in force (the clamps are marked with colours)
Rozpleciony przewód umieszczony w gnieździe
4. Crimp the wires in appropriate slots with Krone knife
Nóż krone'a w zacisku
5. Secure the cable with a tie-wrap (included in the set)
Zabezpieczeni opaską
6. Secure the crimps with a cap

Nakładka na zacisk

7. Put the cover on
 Gniazdo z założoną pokrywą
Before putting the cover, the slot must be mounted in its designated place.


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