Okablowanie miedziane - Empty patch panels and sockets

Empty patch panels and sockets

Patch panels are designed for crossing and distributing cable connections.

They are mounted in cabinets or on racks.

The wide offer of Linkbasic brand includes a full range of solutions compatible with UTP and FTP cabling of category from 5E to 6A.

Patch panels are available in a set option or with a possibility to install keystone module.

The height of patch panels is from 0.5U to 2U depending on the number of ports which may amount to 24 or 48.

Patch panels are available in black RAL9004.

Main features

  • Categories available: 5e, 6, and 6A
  • Patch panel types: UTP, STP
  • Available number of ports: 24 and 48
  • Patch panel types: set and module
  • High quality of execution
  • Available in black RAL9004

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